How do we truly know our heart, our inmost desire, hidden even from ourselves? To know the heart is an unfolding - a patient labor that requires that we live through being lost, yet awake to our yearning for our true self, if only for the first time.

Michael Pinchera’s paintings are full of images of opening and unfolding. At times a large form suggesting a primal seed, or egg, or heart is pregnant with a sense of new life. In A Certain Mystery Revealed, this life seems both organic and psychic. In Between Gravity and Levity, a blue line holds an orange circle alive with vibrant stirrings.

We sense that these paintings themselves are an unfolding, an intuitive process of creation. Rather than obeying a conceptual construct, we feel that these images have grown, swelling to arrive at their mature state. Forms morph and meet, growing from the inside and as they encounter the world around them. And we do get a sense that each painting does describe a world; sometimes an interior, almost domestic space, and sometimes a metaphysical realm of atmospheres of colored light.

Pinchera works both imagistically, conjuring flowers and birds, and abstractly, speaking directly through vibrant hues and resonant forms. It is the particular blend of poetic recognition and visceral experience that gives his work its distinctive quality. These paintings have a generous sensuousness, a directness that persists through their incremental development. The openness of this work extends to the titles which welcome the viewer to enter into their intimate dramas. Who Is at My Door is an abstract invitation to pass through the narrowest of openings to encounter the glowing symbol that awaits. Finding My Way is a pilgrim’s circuitous progress through equally vivid pathways and obstacles. While in My Heart is a Door, a whirlwind of fragmenting forms describe a still point that glows with both power and peace.

In three recent paintings, Pinchera paints a series of especially complete visions of the process of unfolding that runs through his work. In Getting to Know You, a divided heart holds two beings, both separated and deeply connected. In A Marriage, a kind of mystic union is celebrated between two beings, accompanied by signs of cosmic energy and wreathed in greenery. In A Seed is an Eye, a small star-like entity awakes like a stretching baby, lighting up a night time room.

– John Mendelsohn