Being human and being creative go hand-in-hand. The ways that we are creative expose the ways we are as individual human beings. To be awake to our inner processes can engender and enliven our creative efforts, just as our creative processes and achievements can inform us of who we are. It is my experience that during the process of creation, there is no separation between the creator and the created, between me and my paintings; but this is only one part of the process. Creating is a breathing. I create, then reflect on what I have created. I enter into relationship with what I have created, and this spurs further creative effort. This is a purely human activity, for it is the “I” who creates. Because I am human, this universal archetypal process becomes individualized according to how and what I bring to my experiences. What we experience and strive for is reflected not only in the content of what we create, but also in the ways we create.

I am an artist. Most of my outward activity as an artist is as a painter. Drawing, etching and other printing techniques, sculpting and modeling are other avenues I have worked with. Over time, I have come to realize that whatever endeavor I take up, I take it up as an artist, and in ways that correspond to the way I paint. Of course there is no one simple description that any artist can fully characterize the way he or she is creative, or how creativity flowed during the evolution of a created piece. Normally, there are too many subtleties and ineffable dynamics that occur during an act of creativity for description, outside of expressing feelings, unless one has a highly developed clairvoyance, which I have not. It is my aim to describe my personal experiences in ways that I hope will reach others, especially those who think themselves to be non-creative, or artistically incapable, and those who have a living relationship to creativity.

Being an artist is living deeply in the processes and dynamics of transformation. In my endeavor to express my enthusiasm, joy, and sense of mystery I can see more deeply into the world, both outer and inner. Through this I discover what I need to transform within myself. As I look at what I need to personally transform, my sight into the outer world becomes clearer. What may come easier to express with color and form may be deep soul yearnings for how I want to, in full wakeful activity, be. Being an artist is always about practicing how to just be, in every moment. It is about living in wonder, reverence, joy, and simplicity.